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personnel adam clarkI have been running a Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design & Digital Agency since 2001. We have been reasonably successful over the years. However, I am now converting the business model from one of delivering marketing communications items... to one of training. I am now in a good position to transition away from my client work in a way which doesn't leave my few remaining clients 'stranded' and, as such I have decided to engage in contract/freelance work during 2017 so that I become "free" of client responsbility and can focus on the building the training business properly.

Although I have utilised staff and freelancers to deliver client work, I have been extremely hands on over the last 15 years and have made it my obsession to learn (and be capable) in a wide range of skills and software. My core strength is marketing strategy, planning and campaign creation and execution. The fact that I can jump on the Creative & Design side of things as well as being extremely technical (I can build and develop websites, do video editing and sound recording to a significantly high level) has taken a huge amount of effort and dedication on my part. In no way am I a jack of all trades. I have hired many freelancers across many skills over the last 15 years and I know that I am at the higher-end of capability right across the board. Attitude, dedication, perseverance, trust and commitment have always got me through. If I don't know something I'll say so... or Google it. In short, I am highly capable and I get the job done.

Having downsized the business (initially due to the recession in 2008/9 but now due to my new business intentions) I am currently operating as a "one man" agency. With 2017 upon us it's time to manoeuvre the business across to the marketing training. In the mean time, I know I could bring immense value to any company looking to have a marketing expert working for them.

I am looking for freelance or contract work where I can hit the ground running, be a safe pair of hands and make as much of a positive difference as possible.


  • 11 GCSEs - 5A's, 6Bs
  • AS Math
  • A-level Maths, Physics, Chemistry
  • Marketing Degree


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